Anda Barut Collection

A brand-new Aegean vacation designed with luxurious details in a unique bay in Didim...

A brand-new Aegean vacation on Delice Peninsula, located in Didim and named after Delice olive, known as the ancestor of olive - the symbol of abundance, justice, health, prosperity, wisdom, intelligence, purification and rebirth, in short, the most important of the virtues and values for human-being, in all the sacred books.

Anda Barut Collection, located on Delice Peninsula in Didim - the magnificent destination of the Aegean Region with splendid ancient cities, is going to welcome you in the summer season of 2024 with its crystal-clear sea, golden sandy beach and delighted privileges. Thanks to its harmonious duet between architecture and nature, large and spacious green areas, comfortable rooms, unique villas, gourmet restaurants and spa & wellness experiences, Anda Barut Collection will make you feel special at every moment and bring you brand-new memories.

In addition to the opportunity to discover the fascinating nature of Didim, Anda Barut Collection will offer you the opportunity to reach many important destinations in a short time with Izmir and Bodrum international airports. Our hotel, where the quality standards of Barut Collection will be introduced, will make you enjoy luxury, comfort and being in the Aegean with imaginative experiences for all ages.

Wait for 2024.

The Song Of Seikilos
The Song Of Seikilos
Anda Barut Collection
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